Analytic Philosophy
Introduction.Part I: Philosophy of Language.1. On Sense and Reference. (Gottlob Frege).2. Thought. (Gottlob Frege).3. On Denoting. (Bertrand Russell).4. On Referring. (P. F. Strawson).5. Meaning. (H. P. Grice).6. Truth and Meaning. (Donald Davidson).7. Identity and Necessity. (Saul Kripke).8. Meaning and Reference. (Hilary Putnam).Further Reading in Philosophy of Language.Part II: Metaphysics.9. On the Relations of Universals and Particulars. (Bertrand Russell).10. From the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus. (Ludwig Wittgenstein).11. Particular and General. (P. F. Strawson).12. On What There Is. (W. V. Quine).13. The Identity of Indiscernibles. (Max Black).Further Reading in Metaphysics.Part III: Epistemology.14. Four Forms of Skepticism. (G. E. Moore).15. From On Certainty. (Ludwig Wittgenstein).16. Knowledge by Acquaintance and Knowledge by Description. (Bertrand Russell).17. The Problem of the Criterion. (Roderick Chisholm).18. Is Knowledge Justified True Belief? (Edmund Gettier).19. Aspects of Scientific Explanation. (Carl Hempel).20. The New Riddle of Induction. (Nelson Goodman).21. Epistemology Naturalized. (W. V. Quine).Further Reading in Epistemology.Part IV: Philosophy of Mind.22. The Nature of Mind. (David Armstrong).23. The Nature of Mental States. (Hilary Putnam).24. Mental Events. (Donald Davidson).25. What is it Like to Be a Bat? (Thomas Nagel).26. Mad Pain and Martian Pain. (David Lewis).27. Can Computers Think? (John Searle).Further Reading in Philosophy of Mind.Part V: Freedom and Personal Identity.28. The Conceivability of Mechanism. (Norman Malcolm).29. Freedom and Resentment. (P. F. Strawson).30. Human Freedom and the Self. (Roderick Chisholm).31. The Self and the Future. (Bernard Williams).32. Action, Reasons, and Causes. (Donald Davidson).Further Reading in Freedom and Personal Identity.Part VI: Ethics.33. The Subject Matter of Ethics. (G. E. Moore).34. The Emotive Meaning of Ethical Terms. (C. L. Stevenson).35. Justice as Fairness. (John Rawls).36. Modern Moral Philosophy. (G. E. M. Anscombe).37. Morality as a System of Hypothetical Imperatives. (Philippa Foot).Further Reading in Ethics.Part VII: Methodology.38. The Notion of Analysis in Moore's Philosophy. (C. H. Langford).39. Reply to Langford. (G. E. Moore).40. The Elimination of Metaphysics. (A. J. Ayer).41. Empiricism, Semantics, and Ontology. (Rudolf Carnap).42. A Plea for Excuses. (J. L. Austin).43. Two Dogmas of Empiricism. (W. V. Quine).44. In Defense of a Dogma. (H. P. Grice and P. F. Strawson.45. Philosophy and the Scientific Image of Man. (Wilfrid Sellars).46. From The Blue and the Brown Books. (Ludwig Wittgenstein).Further Reading in Methodology.Index.
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