Here is our story

The first circle which founded House of young researchers in ethics in 2014 was consisted of a group of seminary students and moral philosophy students. With the sheer determination of the vehement youth on one hand, and the support and guidance of renowned professors and teachers of moral philosophy on the other hand, this organization grew to have more diverse, cohesive activities. So that today House of young researchers in ethics is the only non-governmental organization which is exclusively devoted to moral philosophy.

We believe the most essential pillar of each and every society is ethics. Our first aim is to keep ethical discourse in Iran a dynamic and relevant one in order to make up for our theoretical backwardness with the help of catching up with the most recent discussions in the field. Secondly, our aim is to bring two separate approaches together: the traditional moral approach on one hand, and the approaches taken by contemporary moral philosophers and moral thinkers. In bringing these two together, we aim to facilitate their interaction with hopes that each of them benefits from the achievements of the other. Thirdly, we hope to become the moral society of Iran in not-too-distant future, with the help and participation of all those in Iran interested in ethics and moral philosophy, both from the academic sphere and the seminary sphere.

It is obvious that achieving these goals is impossible, unless with the support and participation of all those who are concerned with achieving them. House of young researchers in ethics is a non-profit non-governmental organization that has started down this path with the unconditional support and generous donations of seminary students, university students, professors, and teachers, all interested in moral philosophy, and has ever since flourished with the help of these precious assets.