Sales Ethics
The international market crisis has been largely generated by a lack of consumer confidence as a result of unfair behavior on the part of some market players. Customers deserve ethics in business relationships both in terms of correctness in supplying them with the efficiency and effectiveness they require to attain and also in terms of respect and honesty in human relationships. The book aims to present the latest international research on ethics in business dealings. The author's goal is to help their readers develop the skills necessary to operate effectively and the communication abilities needed to generate wellness in relationships. The chapters cover the following topics: 1.How ethical behaviors can improve business - a new business approach 2.How to find clients and to be found by clients - values, identity and self-marketing 3.The first contact with the customer - building trust and overcoming filters 4.The analysis - listening to and learning about customers, markets and competitors 5.The consulting process - professional competence and talent to create value 6.The negotiation and sale - responsibility and fair-trade 7.Relationship management - how to retain the clients trust The chapters present various stages of the vendor-customer relationship, analyzing both aspects related to professional skills, and relational abilities. Each chapter will contain theory, case studies and practical exercises. The outline of each chapter will be: 1.Think - Setting goals and strategies 2.Develop - Designing tools and procedures to operate 3.Acting together - Relating to and communicating with colleagues and clients 4.Know and learn - capitalizing on experience and verifying action 5.Good and Bed examples - case studies 6.Starting today... - exercises Part of the exercises will be available on a relevant internet site, in order offer a more interactive approach with the readers. The case studies presented in the book are mainly based on the Italian market field, but they are also useful for international readers. Italy, in fact, could be seen as a 'front line of combat' having a particular need for ethics, both in terms of management procedures and respect for people. Managers and salespeople will find tools and methods that are useful in handling business more effectively, creating value for themselves and their clients.
Year of publish2015
PublisherBusiness Expert Press
Number of Pages150