Reading Hume On The Principles Of Morals
"This volume offers a comprehensive reassessment of Hume's "recasting" of his moral philosophy in An Enquiry concerning the Principles of Morals. All chapters are previously unpublished. A number of contributors take seriously Hume's own valuing of EPM as his best philosophical work, while others draw out the continuities with the moral philosophy of the earlier Treatise. In addition to in depth critical analyses and interpretations of each of the Sections and the four Appendices of EPM, as well as "A Dialogue," other chapters consider the philosophy of EPM in relation to Hume's Treatise, An Enquiry concerning Human Understanding, his Essays, and his writings on religion. Fresh critical attention is given to Hume's mature views on justice, benevolence and self-interest, humanity, and moral sentimentalism. Reading Hume on the Principles of Morals also aims to stimulate further scholarship on Hume's intellectual development and the significance of his later moral philosophy"--