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A Selective History of the Catholic Philosophical Tradition
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به کتابخانه مجازی خانه اخلاق خوش آمدید

ما در این بخش سعی داریم تا به طور مستمر ، کتاب های کلاسیک و همچنین تازه های نشر حوزه اخلاق را در اختیار علاقمندان قرار دهیم.

اگر به کتابی (فعلا در حوزه انگلیسی زبان) علاقه مند هستید، از طریق سردبیر سایت، درخواست بارگذاری آن را نمائید

دریافت فایل کتاب ها فقط از طریق سایت امکان پذیر است


'What does it mean to be a human being?‎‏' Given this perennial question, Alasdair MacIntyre, one of America's preeminent philosophers, presents a compelling argument on the necessity and importance of philosophy.‎ Because of a need to better understand Catholic philosophical thought, especially in the context of its historical development and realizing that philosophers interact within particular social and cultural situations, MacIntyre offers this brief history of Catholic philosophy.‎

Tracing the idea of God through different philosophers' engagement of God and how this engagement has played out in universities, MacIntyre provides a valuable, lively, and insightful study of the disintegration of academic disciplines with knowledge.‎ MacIntyre then demonstrates the dangerous implications of this happening and how universities can and ought to renew a shared understanding of knowledge in their mission.‎ This engaging work will be a benefit and a delight to all readers.‎




Alasdair C.‎ MacIntyre
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